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Powering your future

Flotation Energy is leading the way towards a net zero future – working hand-in-hand with government, industry, economists, scientists and people like you around the world to meet the energy demands of the global and local community.

We are at the forefront of building a local and global industry to supply sustainable and reliable power and create employment pathways for generations to come. We see a bright future in offshore wind energy and we will be bold in our pursuit of that future.

The Seadragon project, located in Gippsland, will be one of Australia’s first offshore wind farms. Large scale offshore wind projects like Seadragon typically take 6 – 10 years to construct. There are strict planning and environmental regulations, licences and approvals processes that must be followed to ensure the project is environmentally, socially, culturally and economically responsible.



Wind Farm


Scoping and Feasibility is underway and scheduled to be completed 2023.
2022 – 2023
the propellers of a wind turbine
Development phase begins, which includes environmental assessments, ongoing public consultation, and approval processes. This phase is scheduled to be completed toward the end of 2025.
2022 – 2025
the propellers of a wind turbine
Detailed design phase begins, our team will be refining the design, plans and specifications and project costs are mapped out in greater detail.
2025 – 2027
the propellers of a wind turbine
The execution phase begins, and construction is underway.
2028 – 2030
the propellers of a wind turbine
Operation begins and includes the activation, supervision, performance reporting and ongoing resource management of the Seadragon operation.
the propellers of a wind turbine
A silhouette of a wind turbine

An illustrated icon of the wind blowing
An illustrated icon of a wind turbine
An illustrated icon of a lightning bolt
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Renewable energy already accounts for nearly 30% of Australia’s total electricity generation, but there is still work to be done to inform the community about the energy generation process, especially offshore wind energy; how does it work and why it has such a significant role to play in the transition to clean, renewable energy.

We are committed to being open and transparent about our project planning and have experience and credibility to deliver Seadragon to Gippsland. We are excited to share our plans and to work with the community and other stakeholders to ensure that the project will deliver economic and social benefits to the region and to develop generational employment pathways within this multi-faceted industry.

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Seadragon Offshore wind farm at sunrise

Seadragon will:

  • Generate up to 1.5GW of wind energy
  • Include up to 150 fixed foundation turbines
  • Power the equivalent of around 1,000,000 homes per year
  • Engage a local workforce
  • Provide around 30 years of renewable energy operations